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Kandidatuddannelser / Graduate programmes

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  • A study of insider trading in Denmark
    Bügel, Jakob Stein; Runge Jørgensen, Julie (Frederiksberg, 2018)
  • An empirical study of cognitive effort and translation strategies in idiom translation
    Tangsgaard Hvelplund Jensen, Kristian (Frederiksberg, 2007)
  • A Conceptual Analysis of Three Central Concepts and Their Relation to Political Goals in Denmark´s Energy Plans from 1976 until Today
    Eriksen, Thor (Frederiksberg, 2018)
  • A multiple-case study on the challenges of online review platforms
    Német, Vidor; Jeberg, Sidsel (Frederiksberg, 2018)
  • An examination of the governmental and gendered consequences of Djoef´s talent mentor programme
    Sandager, Jette (Frederiksberg, 2016)