Offentlig værdiskabelse gennem brugerinvolvering

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Offentlig værdiskabelse gennem brugerinvolvering

Show simple item record Lohse, Ann Pernille Mols, Malene Ballegaard 2019-08-26T12:43:20Z 2019-08-26T12:43:20Z 2019-08-26
dc.description.abstract This thesis is investigating how user involvement and co-creation affects public leaders understanding of Public Value Creation and what challenges it brings. The thesis is based on two cases one from Rigshospitalet and the other from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Our motivation for conducting this exploration, are our assumption that the best way to increase value of our public services are to ask users how they experience and value the benefits. It is clear from the political debate that the need for user involvement is obvious, but why is it so difficult? The issue is investigated through qualitative case studies and open elite interviews from a phenomenological perspective. This has proven to be very well-chosen, as is obtained a very rich datamaterial. Theoretically the thesis has alternated between an inductive and deductive approach, based on Moore's theory of public value creation. Subsequently the theses is including co-creation and management paradigms as theory elements that have thrilled and complemented our analysis and brought us some interesting and useful points. This thesis shows that most managers have a clear perception, that they do not see the full picture or the perspective of the users, and that users can help them to get a broader perspective. Thus, there is a good understanding that user involvement and co-creation is necessary to achieve value-creating solutions in a context where complexity and diversity are increasing as well as the numbers of wicked problems and contributes with knowledge that is otherwise unavailable. The thesis also shows that there are major challenges in relation to what users can be involved in, who should be involved and how the co-creation is framed and implemented, where the responsibility is located and why co-creation is preferably. When we compares the two organizations, it is clear that the extent and character of the leaders' own experiences with co-creation are crucial for their understanding of co-creation and their ability to use user involvement in public value creation. It also highlights the extent to which New Public Management as management paradigm dictate frameworks and limitations for leadership in the public sector. This is especially true in the Danish Food Agency, where the role of the authorities is challenged in the process of co-creation. From a management perspective, we recommend working with the narratives that exists in the organizations or can be created as experiences are gained. In addition, we recommend that the leaders support the organization's ability to double-loop learning, thereby breaking the path dependency that characterizes public organizations, and challenge the restriction that NPM provides for co-creation. In spite of the two organizations' differences in their core task and in experience with user involvement, the thesis shows that they are faced with many of the same difficulties. It is therefore our presumption that our model from Chapter 4, which combines analytical dimensions of co-creation and public value creation, will be relevant as inspiration for other public organizations that are interested in co-creation as a method to increase public value. en_US
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dc.title Offentlig værdiskabelse gennem brugerinvolvering en_US
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