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About StudentTheses@CBS

On StudentTheses@CBS you can find theses from most Master, Executive Master and HD programmes at Copenhagen Business School. To learn more about CBS educational programmes please check the CBS website:

StudentTheses@CBS offers full-text access to theses submitted from 2009 and onwards. All available theses have obtained a pass but information about specific marks is not available.

Information about confidential theses is not available.

Printed theses can be taken out from CBS Library and can be found through the library OPAC.

CBS Library also offers full-text access to working papers and PhD theses written by CBS researchers. You can find these in the CBS research archive OpenArchive@CBS

Technical information

The web pages can be read using all recent internet browsers but are optimized for Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox version 3.

For an optimal presentation we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

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Want to learn more?

If you are a student and confused about what to do when handing in your electronic thesis, please talk to your programme secretariat or check e-campus.

For questions and comments about StudentTheses@CBS please contact CBS Library, Joshua Kragh Bruhn, by e-mail: or telephone: 3815 3725